Thinking of 2018

As 2017 draws to a close we all begin to ponder our life events, the good, the bad, the unexpected, and what we hope to happen in 2018.

The year started somewhat turbulently for me and my family but, has ended positively. 2017 has been all about change in every aspect of my life, and spending quality time with my close family through the toughest of circumstances.

This year me and my partner spent the holidays visiting family, making time for all of our relatives and embracing change of tradition, as we traveled around Devon and Cornwall. This time spent with our loved ones has made us think about the resolutions we all like to set ourselves and, as a couple we have decided that we aim to be more present and active in all aspects of our lives together. This means being more available to our friends, family and even ourselves. Taking more considered time to look after everyone and getting set for our future in terms of wellbeing, eating healthier and feeling more motivated. Not necessarily losing weight but, just feeling better, stronger and happier in ourselves.

Personally, when contemplating my own growth, I think about how I want to develop my love for cooking, and all of the failed and successful meals I have created this year. I think about where I want to refine my skill and the restaurants/cuisines I would like to explore in the New Year, whilst trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Going into 2018, I plan to continue trying new foods not only when out and about but, at home too. Changes are already in motion to ensure that I have the time and scope to be able to manage my food ambition and, below is a list of foodie things I would like to master by this time next year…

  • How to cook the perfect medium steak
  • How to poach an egg
  • To make the perfect Hollandaise sauce
  • Yorkshire Pudding batter
  • Make homemade pizza (done once before and failed miserably at)
  • How to make the perfect vanilla sponge
  • To make better use of my slow cooker
  • Learn to make a perfect potato rosti

Now, I want to know what your NY resolution(s) are and how you intend to achieve them? How did you spend the holidays with your families and has this impacted the resolution(s) you have made?

3 thoughts on “Thinking of 2018

  1. I’ve never had much use for New Year’s resolutions–they usually wilt by the end of January anyway. But your goals are so clear and specific that I’m willing to believe you’ll accomplish them. Well, maybe you won’t manage the perfect whatever, but I do believe it’ll be a damn good one.

    1. Thank you! I really hope I manage to achieve them. Even if I don’t get things right first time, I at least want to have a go. I don’t believe in trying to make remarkable NY resolutions and expecting too much from yourself or others but, I just wanted to find a manageable goal I could feel excited about.

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