A New Home

A few months ago me and my boyfriend began thinking about moving somewhere new together. Our needs have changed a little which means that our current home no longer works despite how much we love it. Our flat is bright, airy and surrounded by green space but, we need a second bedroom and a much bigger kitchen.

I remember when we moved into our first flat together we had more money saved because we’d previously lived with our parents and, as a new couple the whole process of moving out felt exciting. It’s still exciting now but with money playing a larger factor , having to think about the furniture we already own and the lifestyle that we want to continue leading in a new property has created lots of anxiety between us both I think.

The area we currently live in is also where I grew up and my mum lives just around the corner however, we can’t afford to buy a bigger property in this location which means that we’ve had to look a tiny bit further. Still walking distance from mum and green space but without the view because we’ve now found a flat just off of our local high street.

Finding the perfect new home hasn’t been easy for me I must say. I’d been looking online and keeping my eyes out for a new place to call home for some time and ideally I wanted a house or at least a maisonette. Unfortunately, it had become apparent that within our budget this wasn’t realistic unless we wanted to compromise on another aspect.

We viewed one flat on Thursday last week and I remember walking in hating it. I didn’t get the feels I felt when we walked into our first home together during 2016. I immediately knew it was a no but my boyfriend liked it so I tried to be nice. After a long discussion we decided that the property wasn’t for us. There was limited natural light, the kitchen felt smaller than our current one and the hallway was too dark.

Despite this, we later found out that the end ground floor flat next door was also available, so we gave the letting agency a call and viewed the property. My boyfriend viewed the place first when I was at work and took me back the following day to get my opinion on things. Again, the hallway felt a little small and dark but, I walked in and felt much happier. The space felt more welcoming and the layout worked better. The sitting room and kitchen are in one open planned space which lets in a lot of natural light and did I mention the beautiful kitchen?! It’s fantastic. We do have to sell our current fridge as we will have one built in but, that’s okay.

I know I wanted a house and deep down probably still do but, this flat ticks every box within our budget. Overall, I think we’ve found the right place to call home for a while and I can’t wait to move in mid June. I still have my worries about the property but, my boyfriend has a usable space (the second bedroom) for his gaming and we can have a little sofa bed in there too for guests. He also gets off road parking for his much loved vintage car and I get a great kitchen/living space.

I can’t wait to get moving and share my new home with you all. It’s going to be a lot of fun once all of the heavy lifting is done.

Good things are happening! Now it’s time to relax and get planning.





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