Functioning on Coffee

Nothing beats a big o’ cup of coffee to give me a warm hug no matter what the time of day.

Coffee for as long as I can remember has always been a friend to me. Whether I needed a little morning pick me up, a late afternoon boost or a friend to dunk my biscuit in, I could always rely on coffee to help me out.

There was a period of time however, after leaving University and getting a proper job, that I put my relationship on hold with my favourite drink and switched to decaf, it saddens me to say.

Because, coffee although delicious can have some damaging side effects if relied on too much I began to realise. Coffee is packed full of caffeine (of course we all know that) so you might notice over a period of time that you experience increased levels of stress, nervousness, insomnia, an irregular heartbeat and even nausea if you’re not careful.

I suppose, if you’ve been thriving off of coffee for quite a long period of time you might not even know that your stress levels at work for example might be effected because of your beloved drink, which I learnt during 2015.


My job at the time (working in a fast paced called center) was kinda mad but, I loved it. Yet, I began to notice that after having a coffee or two I would become more nervous and began to stutter on the phone to a customer. I didn’t feel more anxious in myself personally but when I thought back to before I’d had my morning coffee vs after, my telephone manner was different and not in a good way. Obviously coffee wasn’t agreeing with me at the time and I wanted to feel more confident and capable to do my job well.

So, yes, I switched to decaf as previously mentioned. Honestly, I love decaf. I was able to get the taste of coffee I loved so much without any of the guilt that I’d feel stressed or anxious at work afterwards. As a result of switching away from coffee I also ventured into the fruitie tea category of hot drinks and found a love for raspberry tea.

My journey with coffee has been a great one.

I’m actually back drinking the real stuff now and I’m happy to report that we have a healthy relationship once again. Since that crazy fun target oriented job ended and I began more calmer roles I felt comfortable enough to drink a big mug of coffee once a day, just once a day. Although, I still revert back to decaf if I’m feeling like I want the taste but not the energy boost.

The thing I’m most happy about though is that I can catch up with mum, cappuccino in hand and panini on the way once more. That’s a big deal!

14 thoughts on “Functioning on Coffee

    1. I’m glad you can relate. I can be quite a highly anxious person anyway so I know that taking a break and switching to decaf was great for my mental health but, it’s not always necessary for everyone. Give it a try though and feel free to let me know if you notice a difference xx

  1. I’m actually quite lucky (even though I don’t always feel it when I’m tired and need to wake up), but coffee has absolutely no effect on me for some reason! It doesn’t wake me up or work as a stimulant, but it also doesn’t give me any of the side effect that you mentioned – in fact I actually drink it before bed (with custard creams for dunking of course) because it makes me slightly sleepy!

    I’m very weird haha xxx

    Jade |

    1. Wow, I wish I could do that. I love coffee and if I could I’d drink it all the time. Good choice of a custard cream also by the way! I’m a big fan of a Fox’s Golden Crunch.

      Kate x

  2. OMG, I had the same problem when I started temping! It was my first time at a full-time 8-4:30 job and I had to commute an hour every morning to get there. Coffee was how I kept from crashing my car. But GOOD LORD… the jitters later… CRAZY. So I had to switch to matcha and I gotta say, I don’t regret it. You can get a decent pack of individual packets from Trader Joe’s for like $6 or $7.

  3. Wow I had no idea caffeine could do so much damage! I drink way more than the average and should probably cut back a bit but I always feel like I need the energy x

  4. Okay, my relationship with coffee runs deep. I’d probably bleed the stuff! I’ve struggled a lot with insomnia and have done various lengths of time without coffee to see if my sleep improved without it. And cutting it out never helped me, even cutting it out for a month. Thankfully, I drink the amount I do because I love the taste, not for energy but I found what you said about stress levels to be really interesting. I’ll have to pay more attention to see if I notice anything. I couldn’t switch to decaf though!! I’ve never found one I’ve been able to enjoy x


  5. I just love drinking coffee but I only take one per day and occasionally two. I feel the need to drink coffee all the time, especially because of the taste but too much caffeine will be bad for me. Maybe switch to decaff sometimes.
    This was a nice post!

  6. Glad you’re back on the coffee! Being married to an Italian, I can’t get away from it haha! I only tend to have one or two max a day though, so it’s not too bad x

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