Lemon Drizzle

Considering my blog title you’d think I’d love to bake more than I actually do.

The truth is I just love eating cake.

I’ve baked a few good cupcakes in the past and adore butter cream but, baking is an art I’m yet to master.

However, today I thought I’d give baking another go with a little help from Boutique Bake and their lemon drizzle mix.


The recipe was so easy peasy.

All I needed was 3 eggs, 150g of butter and 1 lemon/lemon juice, whisking the mixture together until light and fluffy before spooning into a cake tin.

The cake didn’t rise as much as I’d hoped for but, to be honest, I didn’t have the appropriate sized tin and didn’t realise that until I read the box.

I could have bought another I suppose but I’m full of cold and feeling extra lazy this Thursday afternoon.

The rise didn’t impact the taste at all though I’m pleased to say and I can’t wait to bring this cake to work on Friday morning.


If you fancy making a lemon drizzle to dazzle your friends with I’d highly recommend giving Boutique Bake a go!

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