Turning 26

Tired eyed and cold whilst writing today.

Hugging a hot water bottle snuggled up under a blanket and waiting for my partner to come home.

I’m thinking, my 26th birthday later this month has crept up on me.

When did I settle down into this life, into my skin and become who I am?

With these tired eyes I’m thinking that I’m happy with the decisions I’ve made so far as an adult. Some spontaneous, some well thought out and some fell right into my lap.

Because of these moments shaping who I want to be, I’m beginning to live worry free (for the most part) and am able to live a comfortable life with my partner by my side.

Freedom for me has happened over time through actively changing my job and shifting priorities.

Right now, for the first time, I feel like I have control over every aspect of my life. I can choose how much I want to work, I have creative freedom and time to spend doing what I love, time to myself and time for my loved ones.

I’m quietly confident in my own skin which is something that I think comes with time. I know who I am as an individual, what makes me tick and what I want to do with my life.

These tired eyes are sleepy because I chose to have a busy day, shopping, eating lunch with a friend and working from home. Not overwhelmed by my job or my social calender and that feeling is priceless.

Turning 26 on the 25th felt daunting at first.

The years seem to be flying by but I’m ready for whatever’s next.

I just want to continue feeling free, content and happy everyday. I don’t want to over complicate relationships and constantly worry about the little things.

I’ll be spending my birthday later this month relaxing at home, hopefully going on a spontaneous UK mini break and eating lots of good food with my partner, who’s birthday just happens to be the day after mine.

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