26 Facts About Me


  1. My favourite soup is spicy parsnip
  2. I’m currently reading Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eye Witness Account
  3. I can’t sit on the sofa without being under my big fluffy blanket
  4. I found out I had Dyspraxia when I was 18
  5. I’m fascinated about North Korea
  6. I like my surroundings to be quiet 
  7. I studied at Plymouth University and graduated during 2015
  8. I love cooking but hate the mess it creates and washing up
  9. My first job after graduating was in a call center for Virgin
  10. I used to be vegetarian
  11. I was made redundant at 23
  12. Brie is my favourite cheese
  13. I love an M&S scented candle and own many!
  14. I have two tattoos and plan on getting more in the NY
  15. Carbonara is my favourite pasta dish
  16. I moved in with my partner after being together for only 5 months
  17. I dislike Theresa May and want to stay in the EU!!
  18. I eat Halloumi for lunch more often than not
  19. I play the Sims 4 frequently
  20. I only work 3 days a week
  21. I’m happiest when I’m at the beach
  22. I can’t decide whether lemon drizzle or coffee cake is my favourite
  23. I’ve recently perfected my cauliflower cheese recipe 
  24. I love spicy food
  25. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 12
  26. November is my favourite month


8 thoughts on “26 Facts About Me

    • I’m so glad. I love reading more personal posts and getting to know bloggers more too.

      November is the best isn’t it! I’m kind of bias because it’s my birthday in November but I love autumnal sunshine and I feel like I’m more fashionable this time of year haha x

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