Where’s My Christmas Spirit?

Christmas is most definitely my favourite time of year but, this time around I can’t seem to find my Christmas spirit.

So many of us at this time of year put enormous amounts of pressure on ourselves to live up to a certain expectation and as a result it’s sometimes hard to sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Christmas is probably when I feel the most stressed personally. Money is always at the forefront of my mind and making sure I buy perfect gifts for all of my relatives is my top priority. However, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important and often I forget that during this season in particular I need some real down time to feel calm, something I really need after a busy year of financial worry.

So, whilst admiring my humble sized Christmas tree sat upon my windowsill I suppose I’m wondering about the pressure we all put on ourselves to spend, whether it’s really necessary and whether it’s something we all feel?

I don’t come from a big family with lots of money to spare but, no matter what we’ve always tried to spoil each other with gifts on Christmas day. Seeing the look of surprise on someones face when opening their Christmas present feels priceless at the time however, the overspending, the heartache involved and feeling crippled by debt in the NY is all too real.

I like to think that’s something we all experience. Maybe not every year but probably at some point during our adult lives and, this year it’s my turn.

I haven’t really found a way to resolve the issue and I’m still pretty daunted knowing that as soon as payday hits most of my expendable income will be gone in a matter or hours or days.

I love shopping though, whether I’m buying for myself or for my loved ones. Yet, I think I’m somewhat frugal with my spending nonetheless. So, feeling the pressure to shop until there’s nothing left at Christmas is a little hard for me to feel okay about. On previous years when I was in a more financially secure position with more disposable income than I knew what to do with it was okay but, this year money has been tight  and I know that I’ll still be catching up in 2019.

Maybe in a perfectly rational way I just need to accept that Christmas 2018 isn’t going to be that special. In fact, I’m actually working for the most part anyway.

Maybe I just need to realise that Christmas is just a day? Something shortly forgotten.

So, what now?

In between trying to find my Christmas spirit I’m going to try my hardest to feel calm, spend within my means and stop when things get a little too overwhelming. Something I hope isn’t easier said than done.

6 thoughts on “Where’s My Christmas Spirit?

  1. I hate the pressure of buying presents, sticking to a budget, and then having doubt whether I bought he right thing. This year I’m asking people what they want to make it less stressful, but maybe not as magic

    1. Thanks so much. I like things to feel as natural as possible, even if that means things get a little messy and unstructured sometimes.

      Christmas day was lovely as expected, spending lots of time with friends and family, surrounded by good food. The lead up was just a tad stressful this year. I hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas and NY though.

      Kate x

      1. Sounds good! I’m glad it went well in the end! Christmas was quiet for us but we did have a lot of blogging to do in the build up. New Years celebrations were very good and we’re having a great 2019 – keep up the good work!

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