Rediscovering Sunday Lunch

This year I’ve truly gone outside of my comfort zone with the food I cook at home and I’m really quite proud of myself. I’ve managed to perfect some meals I never really gave a chance before and experience completely new ways of cooking.

To an extent I honestly thought that it was impossible to cook high quality meals from scratch and that in order to experience the finer foods I would need to eat out and spend a lot of money but, oh how wrong was I.

I came to this assumption because I considered myself to be a humble little home cook, creating what I realise now to be unambitious meals for me and my partner. You know the sort of meals I mean… spag bol, stir fries and boring unidentifiable curries to name a few.

Last November though, whilst staying in the Cotswolds me and partner decided to challenge ourselves by choosing menu items we’d never dared to try before. Since this experience I’ve kept that ball rolling and, in August I began ordering from Gousto.

I’ve never really looked back since.

Never missed my old meals and I never intend to revert back to previous bad habits.

Now, lets talk about the gooooood stuff…

Sunday lunch!!

I always thought that a roast dinner had to be one thing. I thought it had to be chicken or beef, had to come absolutely covered in gravy with packet mix stuffing and frozen yorkshire puddings. You had to have roast potatoes (seasoned with rosemary – I thank my mum for that little tip) and if you were lucky you might get a roast parsnip or two.

I loved the roast dinners I used to cook, slow cooking beef for hours and filling up my flat with the delicious scent of red wine and garlic religiously every Sunday.

BUT, I was stressed. Prepping veg in advance and panicking about timing was enough to make me never want to make another roast ever again.

I seriously have no idea how my mum mastered the art of making sure every item was ready at the same time. It’s a real talent!

Anyway, it’s safe to say my viewpoint has changed and the stress is gone all because of Gousto I might add.


I’ve realised now that I/everyone I know has been doing Sunday lunch wrong I’m sorry to say.

A good Sunday lunch should appear simple but every ingredient should compliment one another and comfort you.

Exactly my experience with this festive pork recipe.

  • Roast pork belly with crackling
  • Sprout mash
  • Red cabbage
  • Parsnips
  • Plum gravy

How wholesome yet, vibrant.

Packed full of veg with sweet and savory notes to compliment one another and paired perfectly with succulent pork belly. A dish I never thought I’d be able to create in my own kitchen.

If I’ve learnt anything this year it’s that simplicity is everything when cooking.

Recipes shouldn’t be overcomplicated and cooking shouldn’t be a daunting task.

I’ll certainly be cooking this time and time again.

Most of all, I should also add that, I’ve never cooked pork belly at home before and it turned out so well! I didn’t burn my flat down or set my smoke alarm off (my biggest kitchen fear) and I didn’t over or under cook it.

I can’t wait to continue growing my love of food in the NY and sharing the journey with all my lovely followers.

4 thoughts on “Rediscovering Sunday Lunch

  1. You are so right! Cooking should be simple, yet delicious and we shouldn’t be afraid to experiment a bit. I love cooking and baking and luckily my boyfriend will eat more or less everything I make, which is surprising, because he wasn’t used most of the flavours I love from his family.

    1. Thank you! A roast dinner can be so many different things and, especially in the lead up to Christmas we wouldn’t be frightened to try new recipes. My boyfriends sounds very similar to yours. He’s pretty open minded and will try whatever I come up with, which is fantastic because some of my meals are a little experimental x

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