Date Night at Yukisan

I’ve shared my new love for a little Japanese restaurant in Plymouth named Yukisan before on Instagram, having visited for the first time a couple months ago with my closest girl friends. This time around however I thought I’d share my experience with my partner, knowing he’d absolutely love their menu.

The restaurant itself was established during 2004 and was the first Japanese restaurant of its kind to arrive in Plymouth. In terms of the menu, you truly are spoilt for choice when it comes to vegetarian, meat and seafood dishes alongside a huge array of sushi too. In addition, there are three different seating arrangements you can choose from too when booking a table including two dining rooms and an upstairs area with floor level cushioned seats, offering an authentic Japanese experience.


From the menu we decided to try a few different things, having one starter to ourselves each and one to share. My partner ordered duck spring rolls and I chose fried scallops, sharing skewered chicken with a sticky BBQ type  dipping sauce. I was immediately jealous when I saw the spring rolls however, my scallops were amazing. The presentation of my starter was beautiful and I wasn’t expecting them to be fried in such a way. The dish was a little messy to eat, especially with chopsticks but I loved it. Our skewered chicken was also really fantastic too, sticky and salty in all the right ways. The duck spring rolls were packed full of meat but slightly lacking in the hoisin department, I believe with the only hoisin being part of the drizzle on top.

For our main meals we both decided to try the stir fried udon noodles for the first time, mine with prawns and his with medium rare steak. I can honestly say that these noodles have changed the way I want to cook at home moving forward, as I’ve never tried anything similar before. The sauce for both dishes were the same and felt really light but salty and rich, no extra soy sauce was needed basically. The menu didn’t stipulate the particular sauce made for this dish if I recall correctly but, again tasted similar to a teriyaki and the noodles had completely absorbed everything.


Overall our experience at Yukisan was incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better meal and I think we made some pretty great menu choices. In addition, the customer service from our waitress and all of the staff was like non other. The staff were attentive, friendly and had such extensive knowledge of each menu item. The speed in which our meals were prepared and brought to us was fantastic too. We booked our table for 7pm and were out by 8pm on a busy Saturday night. We never felt like we were waiting around and my partner even said that it was the best restaurant experience he’d ever had.

The restaurant has become hugely popular in Plymouth so I’d highly recommend booking a table in advance if you choose to visit this local hot spot. We can’t wait to try more Japanese food in the near future and are already planning our next trip.

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