Baking with Superfood Bakery

I’ve had this little packet of cookie goodness in my kitchen cupboard for a little while and, today whilst on a cleaning spree I thought it was time to get baking!

The recipe itself was super easy to follow and I chose to use 1 egg instead of a vegan alternative. All I had to add alongside 1 egg was 30g of honey and 40ml of vegetable oil before combining the mixture in a large bowl.



In addition to adding your own honey and vegetable oil you will also need some coconut oil and a baking sheet. The coconut oil is simply to rub on the baking sheet and my coconut oil of choice is always Lucy Bee.


Once you’ve added your cookies to the baking sheet they only take 10-12 minutes to cook, giving me extra time to have a little tidy up and eat some granola.

I think I made my cookies a little too big as I kind of guesstimated the measurements from the recipe instructions and, as a result they took a couple minutes longer than expected in the oven.

These cookies might not be the most attractive or inviting but they tasted pretty yummy and coconutty. The texture was a little dry and took a few mouth fulls to get used to but, I’m not sure if that’s because the recipe is gluten free or because of possible overbaking on my part.

I definitely want to give this recipe another go and try their alternative mixes such as their pancakes or brownies. For their full product range click here to visit the Superfood Bakery website.




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