Slow Down.

Salty skin, drinking gin and sleeping in.

My Cornwall getaway was a little slice of heaven.

Staying in a cottage we could only dream of owning. Spending time away from our phones, enjoying long walks, delicious food, long bubble baths and days at the beach.



It got me thinking about the life I want to create for myself and has reminded me to take things s l o w.

There’s lots in my life I seek to change but it’s a real struggle for me to do anything outside of my comfort zone. However, I’m trying to branch out where I feel capable, trying to minimize stress in my relationships when I feel overwhelmed and trying to find some peace and quiet in this busy brain of mine.

Throughout the majority of 2018 I felt productive and happy with my day to day routine but, I lost that earlier this year when I took a big step that I soon regretted. Things are starting to fall back into place gradually now and I’m back to frequently catching up with friends, getting out of bed before 9am and taking care of myself / my home thankfully.

I’ve been trying to remind myself to slow down when my thoughts become overwhelming, of how far I’ve come and, how important a easy-going, peaceful and calm life is to me and my mental health. The benefits of trying to maintain a calm attitude (although I’m tested sometimes) in order to reduce my anxiety levels are enormous and not only improve my general wellbeing but, benefit all of my relationships too.

Moving forward, I have lots to over-think about and lots of change hopefully on it’s way. The day to day anxiety is subsiding somewhat and excitement is kicking in. With another possible move on the cards I’m looking forward to the rest of 2019.


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