About 2019

The year I lost the plot, gained a house, discovered pink gin, fell out of love with my blog and found a hate for up-cycling.

Should I leave it there?

I understand that it’s only September but I don’t plan on dwelling on my (mostly) terrible year for much longer, hence why I’m writing this now.

Apparently a lot of people have had a bad 2019 so it brings me some solace to know I’m not alone but, I had very high hopes that I downplayed and unfortunately it turned into a real shitter ~ I had a slight mental breakdown, became obsessed with Rightmove, broke my laptop, managed to break my partners and somewhere in-between stopped caring about the thing I loved so much to create.

Do I even have any followers left? I have no idea. I’m not looking at the stats.

In other news, the one upside to my year has been that me and my partner unexpectedly found our dream home and are incredibly overjoyed. Financially crippled but in love, so there’s that.

What’s next then?

See this is the thing, I love writing and can’t wait to start producing content that I’m proud of again. However, what I’ve realised through following lots of other incredible bloggers on social media is that almost every blogger has a niche and I don’t but, I don’t want one. I want to write about the things I enjoy in life; what I eat, where I live, how I spend my days and everything else in between ~ the good and the bad.

I also don’t plan on having a strict schedule for posting content. It will happen and be published when I’ve created something I’m happy with on whatever day of the week I choose at whatever time. This is an idea I loosely toyed with previously but second time around I’m going to take this laid back approach more seriously. Maybe in terms of stats choosing this path won’t serve me well but, this blog is my hobby and it’s literally that simple. I don’t want to feel any kind of pressure to do otherwise.

I want to be completely clear that this blog is my pride and joy though. Something I plan on working really really hard on in 2020. But, right now I’m still putting together my new home and enjoying nesting.

Although you might not find me writing much until Christmas, I’m still regularly on Twitter and posting content on Instagram. Basically I haven’t completely disappeared from the blogging world if anyone was wondering so please don’t abandon all hope for Cake & Coast.