Hello and thanks for visiting Cake & Coast!

I’m Kate; a mid twenties sensitive soul, full of good intentions and high anxieties.

Residing in the South West of England I’m seeking, peace, quiet and simplicity in every aspect of my life.

I’m a big foodie but, with a humble sized kitchen I’m not always able to cook the extravagant meals I’d like, hence my love for eating out!

Food is always on the brain and when I’m not in work you can find me exploring my hometown, coffee in hand whilst coming up with new foodie ideas. Either that or, I’m finding inspiration from watching the latest cooking show on Netflix.

I have some other interests too though!

I’m a fan of dogs…all of the dogs, flower arranging, watching murder mysteries, photography, modern history, interior design, buying Cacti and, bobbing around in the ocean. I’m also a Business graduate so from time to time you might find me rambling about Business ethics, Employment Law and all that serious stuff.

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