Hello and welcome to Cake & Coast.

I’m Kate; a mid twenties sensitive soul, full of good intentions and high anxieties.

Residing in the South West of England I’m seeking peace, quiet and simplicity in every aspect of my life.

I’m a big foodie with a humble sized kitchen, always planning my meals and thinking ahead. I’m forever seeking perfection in my own cooking and Cake & Coast was created in order to fulfil that goal, whilst also sharing my experiences dining out. Overtime however, this space has become so much more to me. Ultimately somewhere for me to share all of my food and lifestyle adventures.

And, although food is my main love I also have lots of other interests including dogs…all of the dogs, overspending on houseplants, watching murder mysteries, endlessly buying face masks, researching modern history and, bobbing around in the ocean. I’m also a somewhat opinionated Business grad but am in no shape or form utilizing my degree currently (sorry?).

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Message me on Instagram or Twitter if you’d like to grab a bite to eat or to have a chat.

Lets work together ~ email cakeandcoast@gmail.com

Happy reading x