Thai Red Curry

What’s not to love about Thai cuisine. I love the fragrance and spice that you don’t get from an Indian curry. I love Indian food too but their heat is completely different and I find it hard to replicate at home, unlike Thai I discovered recently.

Thai food has been a favourite of mine since I began cooking but I’d always cheated and used ready made pastes or curry powders. However, that all changed when my local supermarket started stocking lemon grass.

To make your curry you will need…

  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1/4 ginger
  • 1 stick of lemongrass
  • 1 whole red chilli
  • 1 tin of light coconut milk
  • soy sauce


It’s a pretty simple recipe really.

To start, roughly chop your garlic, ginger, lemongrass and chilli and add to a blender or a pestle and mortar. If you don’t have either of these you can chop all of the ingredients finely instead to achieve a similar result. It doesn’t matter if the paste is rough, as long as it’s to a consistency that you are happy with and that the ingredients are somewhat mixed together. I chose to keep mine quite chunky as the below photo shows.


Once you have achieved your desired consistency, heat your wok with coconut or sesame oil and add the paste. After a few minutes your mixture will begin to smell beautiful and that’s when you know it’s time to add your soy sauce and coconut milk.

Chop the veg of your choice and add to your wok, leaving to simmer for about 30 minutes in total. I chose to add white mushrooms, 1 red pepper, some spiralized sweet potato that I had in leftover in the freezer and some kale.


If you want to add any meat to your curry such as chicken, I would recommend marinading the meat in advance with the above spices and cook in your wok for approx 10/15 minutes on a medium heat, adding at the same time as your veg.

Although, I’m a seafood lover so I chose to add some prawns to my dish and I think salmon would work pretty well too, either pan fried or again cooked in with the sauce.


When plating up my dishes always look atrocious but, trust me this curry tasted really yummy. The portion is kind of big but it’s certainly a healthy dish in my opinion so who cares.

I was so proud that I had managed to recreate the flavours of many Thai curries I had tasted in the past all by myself. My boyfriend even said that it was the best curry he had ever tried! If that’s not a compliment I don’t know what is!

I paired my curry with a little bit of white rice and plenty of sweet chili sauce.

If you want to purchase a little blender like mine, it only cost £10 in Morrisons. It’s such a handy little gadget for all of your pastes and sauces.

20’s Life Struggles – Adulthood, Moving Out & Employment

If you’re in your 20’s you most probably know exactly how I feel about struggling with money. I thought after leaving education that life would get easier and that’s just totally not what happens at all!

You’re already trying to find the right career, have a social life and find independence, and it’s made so much more difficult because of the current economic climate. Despite how much the government pretends to support young adults, I don’t see any proof and sadly I don’t think it’ll change under the Conservatives.

I work damn hard, always pay my bills on time and after they come out my disposable income is pretty low. It’s so disheartening and after going out for a couple nice days out with friends or family my money is gone within the first week most of the time.


Unless you have wealthy parents who are willing and able to financially support you in terms of buying a property, paying bills when you aren’t able to or have saved money all of their lives for you, it feels like none of your aspirations will ever become a reality. I totally get it.

It drives me insane when I hear people who claim to be struggling with money, somehow manage to afford a big holiday or to buy a beautiful home, just out of thin air! It’s just not true that they worked hard and saved every penny. I’m not convinced anyway. It’s got to the point where I don’t even have to ask, I just assume that they most likely have had their parents financial support in being able to do achieve those things at my age. I can’t lie, it makes me feel jealous. I hate people that brag and don’t value money in the same way that I do.

When I was 22 and living with mum I was paid weekly which made it so easy for me to save I must admit. I would give my mum £50 per week, keep £50 for me and save the other £150 EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I still had a pretty good social life yet, after working for 4 months at that job I managed to save £2000. I have no idea how I did it but being paid weekly really worked and helped me easily manage my finances. I managed to pay off my overdraft and that felt fantastic.

Now, I get paid monthly and still try to save but it’s a challenge. I aim to put £100 in my savings each month but usually it’s back at 10p (that’s all interest) by the time the month has ended. This month I’ve tried hard to save and I have a little bit for the first time in 3 years which feels really great. However, I’m fully aware that pretty much every month there’s a hiccup and the money might need to be spent.


Nonetheless, I’ve been trying to remember the advice I gave myself with my first job after graduating in hopes to motivate myself and anyone else wanting to save –

  • Plan a monthly budget – £200 on food shopping, £100 on social events etc
  • Set a strict amount to add to your savings each month
  • Create a Direct Debit to make life easier
  • If you take money out make sure to put in back when you get paid
  • Have a goal figure in mind
  • Set up a joint savings account with your partner and make sure to add equal amount each


If you want to leave your family home in your 20s you’ll probably be renting unless you’re really really lucky. It feels like if you want to buy you’ll end up living with your parents til the end or time, or at least well into your 30s.

This wasn’t something I was prepared to do. I want to buy one day of course but, I love my boyfriend and living with either of our parents wasn’t an option. Thankfully at the time we chose to move I had saved a further £2000 and my boyfriend had redundancy money which meant that we could afford to move out, pay the deposit, estate agent fees and fully furnish our flat. But, it wasn’t cheap and anyone who’s living in rented accommodation will tell you the same.

If you live at home already you should be aware of what will be required of you once you’ve decided to fly the nest and rent. Your chosen estate agents will charge you first months rent and a deposit, which will usually total the cost of one months rent plus an extra £100. If like me, they might also charge you an additional amount to take secure the flat from any further viewings too, which cost me another £300. Oh, and don’t forget, they will also charge you for the cost of checking references.

It’s not cheap and hardly ever affordable but, I’m a strong believer that us young adults shouldn’t live at home until we’re half way through our adult lives. I know it’s tricky getting the finances together to rent and it sucks not owning the property itself but, it’s certainly nice to have independence.

Trying to feel positive about the many great aspects of living in my own flat makes it just about okay that I have no savings and, hopefully if you move out you’ll feel the same way too. If you’re lucky you’ll also find a nice enough landlord who will somewhat let you decorate the place too and, that’ll give you the freedom to feel like the place is yours.

Home Aspirations 

I’ve always had a dream of owning a beautiful red brick property, with high ceilings and pretty fireplaces. Thinking about having an office of my own and a real workspace for my boyfriends IT company to take off. He could even have an amazing garage space to store his vintage cars and I could have an incredible white kitchen kitted out with every gadget imaginable.

That’s my big dream and goal in life. I want a happy home. The thought of having enough space to take all of our hobbies seriously and enjoy our free time together means everything to me.

At the moment for us both it feels like a distant dream.


I’m aware that the government and implemented Help to Buy schemes are various other ways for young adults to enter the property ladder but, it’s still something I certainly can’t afford. We hope that one day we save up that 10% required to purchase our first home together but it’s not easy. Banks and mortgage loans are so complicated. Purchasing a house should be fun but, thinking of the cost of estate agents and solicitor fees on top of the property itself makes me want to break down and cry.


It doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t in your dream job right this second. It’s all experience and will lead you to the career path that’s right for you whether you realise it or not.

Sometimes, working in a job that you hate can have it’s benefits too. It makes you not worry about work outside of the hours you’re there and it allows you to narrow down your next job search. Once you know what you don’t like you can think about the jobs that might be better suited and apply for those instead.

If you have found the right job for you, make sure it will still work in the long term. Make sure there’s progression, that the salary is acceptable and will grow when your skills grow and you’re promoted. Make sure they value you and that your relationships are good with senior management. Make sure that you have a pension, the option for flexible working and a good maternity/paternity package. Basically, make sure your employer isn’t demanding too much and giving too little in return. Read their policies and keep up to date with changes that may impact you. You should be able to access your companies policy or handbook by speaking with you manager or accessing internal systems, they might have even included a copy in your contract too.

Pensions & Retirement Age

I recently looked at my pension scheme with the People’s Pension and was horrified if I’m honest.

Legally every employer has to offer some sort of pension however, that doesn’t mean the pension is necessarily that amazing. I mean, I pay about £6 per month into mine, which is matched by my employer and over the past two years that’s added up to a very sad amount of money. According to the People’s Pension it means that I won’t be able to retire until I’m 68 years old at earliest.

I hate to break it to you but, unless you work for a major organisation like the NHS for example your pension probably sucks too.

Regardless, I think it’s still so important to be enrolled on a pension. You can choose to opt out if you want to but,  in doing this you’re not investing in yourself or understanding that later in life you and your loved ones may need this money. It might not look like a life changing amount at the moment and you might resent putting whatever amount you put in every month but, you’ll be grateful when you do retire to have that bit of money behind you. That’s how I’m trying to feel about it anyway!


If you want to know the total amount your pension is at just contact your pension provider and request a statement. Alternatively, the amount you put in monthly should be on your payslip and you should be able to work out the total from there.

If you’re registered with the People’s Pension just visit their website and log in or activate as a new user with your NI number. They’ll breakdown everything you need to know about your pension and provide additional info too.

To sum up…

Life is hard! It’s always going to be difficult. Hopefully one day money won’t be a worry for any of us and I hope so badly that all of our aspirations come true.

In the short term, all we can do is try our best to focus on the good and plan for things that bring us joy. Don’t forget, it’s okay to treat ourselves too. I’m not saying we need to be strict or worried all of the time. We should all let our hair down, live in the moment and be spontaneous with the money we’ve worked bloody hard to earn too.

Think of the positive and plan for the future as best we can.

I Would Prefer Not To

My life motto.

I’m somewhat unavailable, it’s true.

I work 12 hour shifts which means getting up at 05:45am and getting home at 8pm sometimes two or three days in a row. It’s exhausting and on my much needed days off I’m sleeping, taking a bubble bath and catching up with chores. I usually have about 3 or 4 days off per week but these aren’t always one after another so, it’s difficult to fit everyone and everything in because of that.

I don’t like saying no to people but mentally I’m not capable of pleasing everyone and I’m done with feeling pressured and apologetic because I choose to spend my time in a certain way. In the past I wouldn’t dare to disappoint a friend and because of that mentality I wasn’t happy in myself. I started to feel hurt by the friends who didn’t realise the positions they were putting me in. I’m not sure when it happened but, at some point I decided enough was enough.

We’ve all dealt with uncomfortable situations where saying no hasn’t felt like an option I’m sure. Whether it’s agreeing to a work event that we weren’t really interested in attending or, agreeing to go out for dinner with your in-law, the feeling SUCKS but you continue saying yes to these sorts of things. You might have been tired after work but still decided to go to that shitty house party your friend invited you to when you really wanted to stay home. The FOMO is real and sometimes the thought can feel really unbearable yet, you probably regretted your decision the next day and realised that the hangover wasn’t worth it.

For a long time I would go to every party I was invited to, drink when I didn’t really want to, hang out with people I didn’t really care for and make extra effort for people who wouldn’t do the same for me. I don’t make the time for these sorts of things often any more and life is better as a result.

I’ll always try to be available for the close friends who respect how I manage my time and, who feel similarly to me in regard to personal time management. It’s not always easy to see each other often but, when we do find the time it’s all worth the wait.

When I do reach out and plan to meet a friend I always try to manage the time responsibly. I try to meet up with people around 11am or 12pm for brunch meaning that, I can have the lie in I want and take my time getting ready. It also means that when I get home in the early afternoon I still have time to do whatever chores need to get done and I’m still motivated instead of tired.

With certain friends, when I know I have a couple days off in a row we’ll meet at our favourite pub for dinner on my first day off, have a catch up for a couple hours and try to make sure I’m home at a reasonable hour. I’ll make sure that I don’t make plans for the following day, allowing myself a ‘me’ day to r e l a x.

I always try to remember that if I’m feeling overwhelmed on the day I have a plan that’s it’s fine to reschedule. I continue to feel guilty for saying no or canceling plans but sometimes it needs to be done. My brain often feels frazzled from work and the thought of being social can sometimes feel too stressful. I try to be honest about the reason I’m no longer available and that makes me feel a little better about things.

The thought of disappointing someone is awful I get it but, the thought of unnecessarily going out of your way to please someone else is much much worse.

If you don’t want to say yes to whatever is being asked of you that’s okay. Saying no doesn’t always have to be a negative thing, it’s just about addressing your wellbeing and respecting the needs of others too. The party will still go on, your friends will still have fun and you can do whatever it was you wanted to do with your time instead. Even if it means going home, getting into bed at 8pm and watching Netflix that’s fine too. It’s all about doing what makes you feel happy.

To help me feel better I try to remember the following…

  • Valuable friends and family won’t mind and will still support you.
  • If saying yes makes me feel stressed I’ve made a mistake.
  • Being available constantly isn’t always a good thing either.
  • It’s important to be honest and realistic about how I manage my time and it’s healthy to want some space.
  • Saying no doesn’t mean I won’t ever be available for that person/event in future.
  • I’m still growing. If I need time to recharge then that’s fine. It’s no one else’s business to decide how much time is too much.

The reality is, not everyone will want to or say yes to every invite you throw their way either, so it’s important to make the decisions that make you feel comfortable and fit in with your schedule.

Don’t forget, never ever put someone else before your own wellbeing. Do what’s right for you. Go or don’t go to that event, catch up with your friend or family member another time and enjoy whatever brings you peace.

Dirty Delicious Hubbox

Hubbox essentially is an American street food joint based in the South West.  At the moment you’ll only find them in St Ives, Truro, Pentewan, Plymouth, Exeter and most recently Bristol.

They take pride in their ingredients and have gone out of their way to ensure that their food is locally sourced. Their potatoes come from Cornish Potatoes, their meat Phillip Warren Butchers and their veg comes from West Country Fruit. All of their coffee and alcohol is locally produced too from various UK based companies including Cornish Orchards and Harbour Brewery.

I’ve eaten at Hubbox about a zillion times since they opened in Plymouth a couple of years ago and I have no complaints. Their staff are super friendly and I always look forward to going back. I just wish they were around when I was a uni student because I would have spent my entire student loan eating from their menu and felt so fat and happy doing so.


Their current menu (which I hear is set to change soon) has lots of choice in terms of beef, chicken, fish and veggie burgers. They also serve hot dogs, nachos, mac n cheese and various types of chips. Honestly I think there’s a little too much choice because I never ever know what to order. Literally just because I know it’ll all be delicious and I don’t want to make a mistake.

So, what did we order you ask?

My boyfriend was a little hungover so he wanted to go all out whereas, my non hungover brain was just craving a big greasy burger. He ordered the BBQ tray which I would only recommend if you have a larger than life appetite. The tray includes beef brisket, pulled pork, fries, chicken wings, a frank (hot dog), pickles, slaw and onion rings (which I stole). I wanted something a little less complicated and I ordered the Kim Yum Chick BBQ chicken Korean burger with dirty fries.


What are dirty fries you ask? Well, they are delicious I can tell you that much. You can ask for any type of fries from their menu and just ask to make them dirty, which means adding their Hub sauce mixed together with diced white onions and plenty of jalapeños. If spice is your thing you’ll love this sauce. It’s literally so mooreish and like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. I wish I knew how to explain the flavour better but I think it’s something you just need to experience yourself. If you’re unsure whether you’ll like it but want to give it a try, just ask to have some on the side and they’ll be happy to do so.

In terms of my burger, the best way I can describe it is like a really REALLY good KFC Zinger because it’s essentially a slightly tangy buttermilk chicken burger. Inside of their burger itself is a Korean BBQ sauce so you would expect a little kick of some Asian spices, which I didn’t really notice but that’s okay because it’s damn tasty regardless.

My boyfriend loved his meal but had to take a break because as you can imagine, it was really filling. I didn’t get to sample anything apart from the yummy buttermilk fried onion rings but he assured me that the tray was worth the £17.95 it cost.


Overall, I just love the Hubbox ethos. I commend them for being able to make fantastic good quality food at a competitive price and, I appreciate the efforts they have gone to in order to support other local farmers and suppliers when creating their menu. They are a force to be reckoned with, a big competitor in the Plymouth burger industry. I think they are here to stay and us Plymouthians absolutely love having them.

If you’re ever visiting the South West I would highly recommend trying to track down a nearby Hubbox. Their food is seriously dirty and delicious in so many ways.

Check out their website and drool over their food at your leisure!

Supporting Local Cafe’s – Make

I enjoy venturing out and supporting independents whenever I can and, I’ve loved watching my hometown of Plymouth’s creative community grow in recent years.

With community spirit in mind, I visited Make recently to sample their homemade food thanks recommendations from my mum and sister. Make are based at  140 Vauxhall Street in Plymouth and their premise not only runs a cute cafe but, is used as a workshop for crafts including sewing and crochet. I’m not creative with fabric at all so I’m purely invested for the food but, their workshop space looked fantastic and if you’re interested in getting creative they have a calendar you can access on their website.


Their cafe and workshop space is neatly organised to sit side by side and is completely void of clutter. The space feels so warm, inviting and well, really creative! From the minute I walked in the door I felt welcomed and couldn’t wait to try the food.

In an aim to show support I obviously had to sample a good variety from their menu including tea and coffee. I started off by drinking a lovely strong cappuccino whilst pondering their menu choices and changing my mind over and over again. Their menu is almost entirely vegetarian and vegan friendly you might be pleased to know, although they do have some meat options available too.

img_0050I almost ordered the brunch poached eggs on toast but at the counter was tempted by their savory muffins so instead, ended up ordering a cup of mushroom and thyme soup with a vegan olive and pesto muffin.

By God did I make the right choice! Their adorable mug of soup was delicious, not too heavy and the muffin was light yet filling as well. My sister ordered their cheese muffin too, which meant we could split them in half and sample each others with the soup. We both agreed that the olive muffin was the better choice but both were pretty tasty to say the least.


After a much needed catch up I decided I wasn’t leaving until we had cake. They only had a few options available and I was hoping for a little bit more choice but honestly, I was pretty satisfied with my soup and any cake was going to be a bonus. I went for a yummy citrus orange polenta cake accompanied by lots of tea whereas, my sister chose their chocolate and salted caramel brownie.

My orange cake was really delicious but maybe a little too heavy after a big savory muffin (my poor choice not theirs) and the brownie looked pretty damn delicious too although, I didn’t sample it unfortunately.


I used to work right around the corner from Make so I’m kind of gutted I didn’t ever visit sooner. Regardless, I’ll hopefully be going back in the near future and I might even bring my boyfriend if he’ll let me.

Their food in taste and presentation feels really special so if you’re looking to take a friend or relative out for a little something to eat I’d highly recommend Make. They’re more than just a cafe. They’re a real space to grow, get creative and enjoy good food.

Oh and, they’re also a dog friendly cafe! Which means, if you’re venturing out with your adorable doggo to the Barbican anytime soon you can stop for a little something to eat without a single worry.

If you love their food and their ethos they can also plan events including children’s parties, Hen Do’s and Baby Showers! You can find out more about all of their products, workshops and events by visiting their website

Side note, it’s so incredibly important to support local retailers, cafe’s and other businesses alike whenever you can. Your support in buying their products and providing exposure through social media means an enormous amount. It’s particularly important when the weather is bad (e.g. recent snowfall) because businesses can really suffer more than you might realise.  They will see their profits change during good and bad weather and this impact can ultimately save or shut down your favourite.

So, I urge you to please still go out, visit your favourite independent or try somewhere new, making sure they stay afloat even when the weather is miserable. I promise it’s worth it if you want them to stick around.

Hello Happiness – Quitting 9-5

As I relax in my lounge on a Monday morning, I think about all of the wasted Mondays I’d spent panicking about the work week ahead. I think about how grateful I am to have taken the (not easy) decision to make a change in 2018, and how I’m now ready to share an update with you all.

At end of January I quit a job I loved and said farewell to lots of great friends I’d made whilst working in that office. I started a new job a week later and in February I wrote about feeling stressed and regretful about my decision to leave. However, you’ll be pleased to know that I feel totally differently about things now and I’m so much happier in myself.

If you love your career and 9-5 works for you then this post isn’t going to be your cup of tea but, for a lot of people it doesn’t whether they know it yet or not and, feeling overworked in an office environment is a very real concern.

I studied Business Management at University and after graduating convinced myself that as long as I was working in an office I was vaguely using my Degree but, that simply just wasn’t true. I’ve learnt so much more working in an office, as a receptionist and in a call centre than my Degree ever taught me honestly, and I’ve never had the opportunity to use my Degree at work.

Up until recently, I’d been working 08:30 – 17:30 everyday and although I loved the people I met and the client interaction, the job began to weigh me down. I was just tired and frustrated about the actual work itself and the long hours. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until my friend left on Maternity Leave that I started to miss her support a lot and that’s when I think I knew my time was nearly up. However, for some stupid reason I stayed for another 4 months before actually handing in my notice. I’d been thinking about it constantly but was too afraid. Then, I had some time off over Christmas to think about where I wanted to be and after speaking with my partner and mum I decided enough was enough.

It was December 28th when I sat down with my manager and discussed the reasons I wanted to leave. They were so considerate and the conversation was great. A weight had been lifted and they reassured me that I was making the right decision. We had agreed that my last day would be January 26th, which allowed me plenty of time to make plans, find a new job and wrap everything up with them. It also meant that they could find someone suitable to replace me and I could help train them.

So where am I now?

I work in Care. A Dementia home to be specific. It’s further away from my Degree than I’d imagined but I love working with people and I have the flexibility I’ve always wanted. I’m working three days a week at the moment, giving me lots of time to blog, have a social life and feel happier in myself. I’m able to progress too by studying for various qualifications in Care after getting my Care Certificate, which I’m working on at the moment.

My now ex-colleagues were so supportive and had such kind comments to say when I’d informed them of my career move, so I knew deep down that I was doing the right thing. I’m so glad that my boyfriend was so supportive too because his opinion means so much to me and I doubt I would have left if he didn’t give me the green light.

Overall, I think making the change and saying goodbye to 9-5 has been the biggest decision I’ve ever made and probably the best. Working in an office isn’t for everyone and we all have our breaking points. I loved my old job and there were many aspects that I’ll forever miss but, certain things really started to swallow me up inside and coming home complaining to my boyfriend everyday wasn’t fair.

I’m now looking forward to progressing my blog, gaining new skills, learning to drive and having more ‘me’ days. I feel so much more confident and content in my personal life and can now be the best version of myself.

Would You Like to Make a Change?

If you’re considering a change in career but feel scared my advice is to talk to your family, speak with a close colleague or even your manager if they’re easy to approach. There are also things you can do in your free time to help you make the right decision. For me, I  found it helpful creating a pros and cons list about the job itself. I started looking into other careers I could possibly peruse and the skills/qualifications I wanted to gain as well. I also looked at my existing skills and the aspects of work I didn’t enjoy (e.g. math related admin tasks), which made it easier to narrow down my job search.

It might also be time for you to evaluate your financial situation. You can do this by looking at your account and assessing how much of your total salary is spent on travel to work and lunches for example. You should also consider asking these questions if you’re serious about wanting to make a change…

How can you reduce spending if you choose to stay in your current job?

Do you value a higher salary to be more important than your personal happiness at work?

Is it possible for you to take a pay cut for your dream job?

And remember…

Your potential is endless!!

We all have good and bad working days and the only limits are the ones we put on ourselves. If you feel your mental health is suffering because of your job, it’s time to rethink. That doesn’t necessarily mean quitting though. It just means reaching out to your manager or someone in the organization with authority. They might be more understanding than you realise and be able to find ways to help you by introducing flexible working hours or allowing you to work from home for instance.

I’d love to hear your career stories and find out how you manage to find balance between work and your personal lives. Tell me why you do or don’t think 9-5 works and feel free to share your honest opinions.




Gammon & Mushroom Lasagna

The portions for this recipe are made under the assumption you are cooking for 4 people or in my case, dinner and leftovers the following day.

Recently I decided to rustle up a simple but delicious Lasagna recipe using a small joint of gammon. Instead of making the traditional tomato based recipe with beef, I chose to layer Bechamel sauce, mushrooms, gammon and spinach with a Parmesan crust.

The recipe is incredibly easy although, I did slightly cheat a little…

I started by adding a little olive oil to my pan, chopping one small white onion with three cloves of garlic, a little bit of pepper and some mixed herbs.


Once all softened and the smell of garlic begins to fill the room, finely chop your white mushrooms and chestnut mushrooms (approx 1 box each). Chuck them in the pan, generously stirring all together and cooking on a low heat.

Once all of the mushrooms have started to turn a darker brown and have reduced in size, it’s time to add your spinach (250g) and your Bechamel sauce. If you’d like you create your own Bechamel sauce I would recommend following the BBC Food recipe however, I did cheat (I feel guilty) because the M&S sauce is really tasty and unfortunately was the more convenient option on the day. Next time, I’ll be a little braver and create the entire recipe from scratch but in the meantime, please accept my apologies.

Moving on back to the recipe itself…

I had cooked gammon in advance using my slow cooker, placing on high for about 5/6 hours, adding a little bit of water and some garlic. One all cooked, I sliced into thick pieces and stirred into my sauce. I left to simmer for at least 5 minutes before assembling my Lasagna.

I made 3 layers in total, adding parmesan and a little leftover mozzarella to the top sheets of pasta, placed in the oven for a further 30 minutes at 200 and left to stand for 10 once taken out of the oven.

This dish isn’t on my healthy eating list but is a real treat. It’s the perfect comfort food on a cold winters day and fills you with all kinds of joy whilst eating.

If you have any leftover gammon, I usually tend to put it in sandwiches the following day for work or you could always freeze it and defrost at a later date.